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Cube table

Tube steel coffee table base.  Made from 1 1/4" square tube steel. Photos by plinth photography Wood top by pepperbox … More

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Private Condo 1

A variety of items designed by Eric Cobb Architects. Artwork by Sarah Himmelfarb. The console table sits behind the sofa in the family room.  It was built using 3/8" hot … More

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1800 9th Avenue

Blackened steel (cold roll) with a clear coat sealer.  Pivot worked with designers, architects, and another metal shop to plan and execute this project.  The result was this … More

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JTM Office

Office sign and desk features made from various thicknesses of hot rolled steel.  All material blackened, oiled, and waxed.   … More


Hot roll door pulls

1" OD solid hot rolled steel makes up this set of door pulls.  Finish is blackened, oiled, and waxed. … More

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Stainless table, stone top (not shown)

When details count... Is the bar coped into the leg?  Or... Does the leg have a hole that the bar goes in to? These stainless tables received a stone top (by others).  Made from … More